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With the opening up of Myanmar, connectivity has exploded. Tens of millions of people are already using smartphones and the country is poised for a digital leapfrog. Major international tech companies such as Uber, Grab and iFlix are already operating in the market and the local startup scene is thriving. Phandeeyar has been spearheading the development of Myanmar’s tech and innovation ecosystem since 2014. We are now looking for an experienced entrepreneur to lead its work developing startups in Myanmar. If you’re passionate about startups and have a gift for coaching entrepreneurs, then this is an unparalleled opportunity to have a big impact on a tech ecosystem.


Phandeeyar has been building the pool of tech talent and supporting the development of startups since 2014. In 2016 Phandeeyar launched Myanmar’s first-ever tech startup Accelerator. Cohort 1 graduated earlier this year and applications for Cohort 2 open in June. Phandeeyar also created a pre-accelerator program, the Yangon chapter of Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute. We also run the country’s biggest startup competition: StartUp Challenge. Phandeeyar is also building the developer community through MOOCs, workshops, meetups and other events, as well as supporting hardware hackers through its Makerspace.


Phandeeyar is looking for an experienced entrepreneur to support the development of Myanmar’s most promising startups and tech entrepreneurs. Your job will be to use your skills and knowledge to accelerate the growth and learning of startup founders. You will play a leading role in identifying and cultivating entrepreneurial talent.

Your key responsibilities will include:
● Developing and managing the coaching program for the startups in Phandeeyar Accelerator
● Managing Phandeeyar’s Pre-Accelerator programs such as Founder Institute Yangon and Startup Challenge
● Expanding and managing Phandeeyar’s network of mentors, as well as its in-house startup support team
● Developing new initiatives to encourage tech entrepreneurship and to build the pipeline of startups
● Helping to support Phandeeyar’s programs to grow the pool of tech talent, including Phandeeyar’s Makerspace
● Helping to support programs to leverage Phandeeyar’s entrepreneurial resources to support the development of social and civic entrepreneurship.

You will report directly to Phandeeyar’s Accelerator Director.


Tech startup experience – You must have experience running tech startups, ideally as a Founder. Alternatively, you must have had experience as a hands-on early stage tech investor. A strong understanding of the lean startup approach and the unique challenges faced by tech entrepreneurs is critical.

Emerging markets experience – Ideally you will have worked (or invested) in tech startups in emerging markets. You need to have a strong understanding of the special challenges faced by startups in these environments. If you do not have this experience, you’ll need to strongly demonstrate an ability to rapidly adapt to and understand a frontier market like Myanmar. Experience working in Myanmar is a strong advantage.

Mentoring & training skills – You will be great at working one on one with founders, as well as helping them work with others. Prior experience as a startup mentor or similar would be highly valuable. Similarly, teaching or training experience would be useful.

Management skills – You’re great at getting things done. You’re a self-starter who takes the initiative and can mobilize resources and solve problems. You can build and manage a team, juggle multiple projects, craft partnerships, raise money, lead negotiations, whilst paying close attention to details.

Communications – You need to be a highly skilled communicator who is as persuasive on a stage in front of hundreds as you in are in front of a TV camera or in an investor meeting. You’ll also need excellent written skills. The ideal candidate will be fluent in Burmese and English.

Passion – Phandeeyar is a mission-driven organization; our goal is to accelerate change and development in Myanmar. We work not just with the tech community, but with change agents such as civil society groups, social enterprises and independent media. You must be excited to be a part of an organization in which socially driven initiatives are an integral part.


Send us an email with your CV and tell us why you’re the right person to lead Phandeeyar’s tech and startup program


Phandeeyar (“creation place”) is an innovation lab that is spearheading the development of Myanmar’s tech ecosystem. Phandeeyar invests in technology startups, trains new entrepreneurs and builds the pool of tech talent. Phandeeyar also helps civic and social entrepreneurs, CSOs and independent media use technology to increase their impact and runs a co-working space out of its 6000 square foot space located in the heart of downtown Yangon.

Phandeeyar was born out of Code for Change Myanmar, a series of hackathons in 2014 that highlighted the potential of Myanmar’s connectivity revolution. In 2015, thousands of people participated in Phandeeyar’s more than 100 events, which included a startup competition and three hackathons. In 2016, Phandeeyar launched Myanmar’s first-ever tech startup Accelerator, the Yangon chapter of Founder Institute, Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneur development program, a Makerspace for the country’s hardware hackers, and an open data platform:

Phandeeyar’s backers include: eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar’s investment fund, Omidyar Network; George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and Eric Schmidt’s Schmidt Family Foundation.

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