The Role

Phandeeyar is looking for a talented communications professional to serve as its Communications & Marketing Manager. The Communications & Marketing Manager will be responsible for managing all of Phandeeyar’s communications. Your job will be to tell the world about everything that Phandeeyar is doing and to use communications to build our community.


Developing and executing Phandeeyar’s communications and marketing strategy
Running Phandeeyar’s social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Managing Phandeeyar’s website, blog and email program
Managing a small team of design and marketing professionals
Running Phandeeyar’s advertising, including Facebook ads
Preparing press releases and developing other marketing and communications materials
Developing new communications channels such as Viber and Medium
Running workshops and trainings to develop the communications skills of the Phandeeyar team, its partners and its community
Supporting the other activities of Phandeeyar

Essential Requirements

Excellent writer – you must be a great writer – in both English and Myanmar language. The ability to write in many different mediums – from press releases to social media – is critical.

Digitally savvy – you need to be very comfortable working with digital media and have a great understanding of how it works in Myanmar. At a minimum you will have managed a Facebook page, be familiar with other social media platforms and know an open source CMS such as WordPress. Experience with Facebook advertising and SEO would be useful.

Communications/Marketing experience – You must have a minimum of 2-3 years experience working in communications, marketing or PR. This could be at an agency or in-house. Ideally you will have experience at developing and managing communications strategies.

Reliable team player – you need to be able to work with a big diverse team and to juggle many different projects and responsibilities, often with tight timeframes.

Flexible & Adaptable – you need to be comfortable working in a fast moving, rapidly changing work environment.

Fast learner – you will need to be able to learn and apply lots of new skills quickly.

Passion – you must be excited about the potential of technology to drive change and development in Myanmar.


Phandeeyar (“creation place”) is an innovation lab that is spearheading the development of Myanmar’s tech ecosystem. Phandeeyar invests in local technology startups, trains new entrepreneurs and builds the pool of tech talent. Phandeeyar also helps civic and social entrepreneurs, CSOs and independent media use technology to increase their impact and runs a co-working space out of its 6000 square foot space located in the heart of downtown Yangon.

Phandeeyar was born out of Code for Change Myanmar, a series of hackathons in 2014 that highlighted the potential of Myanmar’s connectivity revolution. In 2015, thousands of people participated in Phandeeyar’s more than 100 events, which included a startup competition and three hackathons. In 2016, Phandeeyar launched Myanmar’s first-ever tech startup Accelerator, the Yangon chapter of Founder Institute, Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneur development program, a Makerspace for the country’s hardware hackers, and an open data platform:

Phandeeyar’s backers include: eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar’s investment fund, Omidyar Network; George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and Eric Schmidt’s Schmidt Family Foundation.

To apply: Please send an email to or
For more information please visit:
Twitter: @Phandeeyar
Instagram: @phandeeyar